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The Free Church Friend

Defending faith, order, responsibility and religious freedom.

“… for the kingdom of God is…justice, peace and joy, inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 14 v8


Our logo signifies the ability to see Christ in others by seeing with His eyes. As followers, we respond to His call to expose and challenge the dark side of religious attitudes and conduct, and give the misunderstood and mistreated their rightful voice by walking with them in the spirit of the words Jesus quoted in Luke 4 vv 18-21.


God’s Spirit has inspired me

To bring the poor good news;

She tells me, “Get the blind to see,

Bust the jails and set folk free;

God’s arms are open lovingly.”  (Good As New version)


He came to live by those convictions and did so.


We aim to reduce the influence of fundamentalism and restore the integrity of the Church as a progressive body, respecting available truth and the Bible through compassion and action for God’s Kingdom. From this position we hope to beef up worship material and grow fresh understandings.


By respecting the Person, empowering presence, teaching and example of Jesus Christ, we aim to spread obedience to the instructions He gave: to be humble, compassionate, gentle, fair, merciful, and genuine peacemakers even when we have to suffer for it. By making a difference in those ways, people are able to live out  the spirit of the Ten Commandments, which is in the first two-- “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind, and love other people as much as you love yourself.” That way we hope to roll back every prejudice that makes Jesus a stranger instead of friend and brother.


In communion with Jesus, and in partnership with all who share our ambitions, we try to be a leaven for justice, peace and joy. This website and its sister journal, The Free Church Friend, which was launched as The Free Churchman in July 1991, greet everyone who supports progressive, open Christianity.


Who are we three? John Cornwall, founder and editor; Will Cofie B.A.,LL.B.,LL.M., and Stephen Kamugasa F.R.S.A., Barrister. We are all dedicated to human rights.